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QuantV FiveM

Most important changes in this update:

higher quality and better performance than previous effect

toggle option for auto player tracking (singleplayer at the moment)

dynamic & static focus

selectable polygonal or circular bokeh shape

various types of radial chromatic aberration with dynamic focus

improved optical vignette with dynamic focus

Added auto-detection for ENB VEHICLE day/night settings to automatically disable ‘UseDayNightSettings’ option when user make changes

RAGEMP + ALTV: Added compatibility with ENB plugin (and all its dependant effects)

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Video preview

· Set game video options to DirectX11 mode, and ‘Shaders Quality’ and ‘PostFX’ options to ‘Very High’ / ‘Ultra’
· OpenIV in order to install .OIV package:
· ScriptHookV to be able to use mods folder and plugins:

In order to do clean install you can verify integrity of game files here:
· Steam:
· EpicGames:,to%20verify%20all%20your%20files.
· RockstarLauncher:
This is very important step because QV3 avoid editing as many game files as possible in order to keep it non intrusive and universally compatible with all kind of map mods, FiveM, menu-trainers, etc, so having original game files as base is very important.


FiveM Install:

· Remove ENB files from GTA5 folder.
· Install ‘QV3_FiveM_ENB.oiv’ using OpenIV.
· Remove other graphic mods .rpf files from ‘FiveM Application Data’ (if there is any).
· Drag and drop ‘QuantV_3_0_0.rpf’ to ‘FiveM Application Data’ > ‘addons’ (if addons folder doesn’t exist then create it).
· Done!


· Install ‘QuantV_Uninstall.oiv’ using OpenIV.
· Remove ‘QuantV_3_0_0.rpf’ file from ‘FiveM Application Data’ > ‘addons’.
· Done!



you can change (or disable) default togglekeys for your own in QuantV.ini (see keycodes list)
· F5 (RB+X for controller) to open/close Trainer.
· Num4/6/2/8 (dpad for controller) to navigate thru menu.
· Num5 (A for controller) to select.
· Num0 (B for controller) to go back.
· Num+ to use vehicle rockets.
· “-” (minus key) to toggle DOF effect.
· F6 to toggle CAM CONTROL and ‘Shift’ to speed it up (by default airbreak mode is enabled).
· F11 for screenshots.

ENBSeries default keys to open menu are shift + enter.



ENB vehicle section now have specific DAY and NIGHT settings, these will overwrite default values
In order to tweak ingame, edit DAY and NIGHT values in .ini file and open-close enb menu will reload-apply the new settings.
You can also toggle on/off this feature in ‘enbseries.ini’ –> ‘UseDayNightSettings’

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