Ocean Medical Center (MLO)

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This project is a new hospital, named

OCEAN medical center

The OCEAN Project includes:

General information :

A new exterior building, based on the original form of the building with :

  • A complete interior divided into 6 MLO, spread over 5 floors
  • Over 20 new customised medical accessories (with some on-screen animations)
  • Customised full-colour minimap with annotation for all MLO included
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Description of each level

At level 0 you will find :

  • Reception room
  • Emergency room with two external accesses
  • 2 medical rooms with a total of 20 medical beds
  • Access ramp
  • Pharmacy with external access
  • Laboratory room
  • Veterinary room
  • Separate changing rooms

At level 1 you will find :

  • Small operating room, including two operating room and radiography
  • Relaxation area with bars
  • 5 medical rooms with a total of 30 medical beds
  • Access ramp
  • Rehabilitation room
  • Optitian Room
  • 2 consulting rooms
  • 2 psychology rooms

At level 2 you will find :

  • 6 medical rooms with a total of 12 medical beds
  • 2 meeting or training rooms

At level 8 you will find :

  • 1 meeting room
  • Open-space and various offices

At level -2 you will find :

  • large operating area with two operating room
  • IRM Room
  • medical scanner
  • Storage room
  • Ambulance Garage

Other : 

  • 2 helipads
  • Two stairs (13 levels)
  • Lift on each floor
  • Toilets on each floor


This hospital was created to improve the medical role-play and was optimized and tested on fivem role-play servers with 300/400 players. For 40  players in the hospital an average of 50fps to 75fps is obtained , depending of the pc and the mods used

Some bugs are still present but we are working on fixing them.

Some choices like “lod distance” and closed windows have been made to improve the number of FPS on your FIVEM server, this mapping is really large, which will result in a decrease of fps in the area or hospital, similar to another large mlo,


If you have crashes and you want to test without audio occlusion In the fxmanifest delete the lines

  • data_file ‘AUDIO_GAMEDATA’ ‘audio/v_oceanml_game.dat’ –dat151
  • data_file ‘AUDIO_DYNAMIXDATA’ ‘audio/v_oceanml_mix.dat’ – dat15
  • ‘audio/v_oceanml_game.dat151.rel’,
  • ‘audio/v_oceanml_mix.dat15.rel’

Write a ticket if you have problems, we will assist you.

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  1. VITO 『G59』

    Good quality.

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