FiveM PD Animations

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Animation pack for Police job (dpEmotes)

Make your police actions more realistic.

4 custom animations included.

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Example implementation (everything is documented in readme file):


Move the YCD file into a stream folder.
Add this stream folder to a script.

For own scripts
local dictName = ‘[email protected]@[email protected]@aimpistol1’
local animName = ‘tigerle_coppose_kneel_aimpistol1’

For DPEmotes
Add these code lines here dpemotes/Client/AnimationList.lua >>> DP.Emotes

[“yourcommand”] = {“[email protected]@[email protected]@aimpistol1”, “tigerle_coppose_kneel_aimpistol1”, “your name for the animation”, AnimationOptions =
EmoteLoop = true,
EmoteMoving = false,

Finally, restart your script/server.
The command would be “/e (The command you entered in the code for what you want the players to use for the anim to play).

In regards to support matters, feel free to contact me wherever suits best!

36 reviews for FiveM PD Animations

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