Better Fight



  • Recoil System: This is a fully customizable system that you can chance all the values to all the guns of GTA through the config file. You may also change the values of recoil at real time with the exports we are offering you.
  • Recoil Exports: There are 3 recoil exports: Alter general recoil level, Alter specific weapon recoil level, and reset all gun recoil back to the config.
  • Custom Crosshair: You may have a custom crosshair which you can easily change through the html. This is mostly used to avoid the red dot abuse that is happening with the standard GTA crosshair. It looks cooler as well.
  • ViewCamForcer: This feature forces the player to stay in first person while using a weapon. This options is separated by vehicle and on foot. You can enable on both, personally i like only using the vehicle ViewCamForcer.
  • JumpSpamPrevention: Jump spam prevention simply doesn’t allow the person to spam the jump like they are olympic runners. There is a timer as well that you may set as much as you want. Default value is 2 seconds.
  • RollPrevention: This feature simply doesn’t allow the player to roll while shooting. Just looks spastic when people do.
  • Headshot Disabler: Headshot disabler just prevents getting headshotted. This only works on players and not bots! Would recommend if any RP server would want this as well.
  • Weapon Damages: You may change all the weapon damages of every single weapon through the config file. Default is that all melee weapons are x0.25. So they do 4 times less of damage.
  • Garbage Collector: This resource is also aimed to be optimized. Garbage collector is just there to collect all the garbage the script produces to the memory and cleans it up every 60 seconds.
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BetterFight optimization levels also depend on how many of the options are enabled. With all options enabled it will idle at 0.03ms and peak 0.06 if shooting:

  • Recoil System: 0.01-0.02 ms.
  • Custom Crosshair: 0.01-0.02ms
  • ViewCamForcer: 0.01ms
  • JumpSpamPrevention: 0.005ms
  • RollPrevention: 0.005ms
  • Headshot Disabler: 0.00ms
  • Weapon Damages: 0.00ms
  • Garbage Collector: 0.00ms

Dependencies and Compatibility:

Framework Dependencies
none (This can be standalone or work with ANY framework)

Sql Resource Dependencies


Resource Dependencies




OneSync Compatibility

Non-OneSync Compatibility


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